Lilly has extensive knowledge of both the scientific and the energetic aspects of crystals. Throughout her many travels,
Lilly met many fascinating people who helped her unravel some of the mysteries involving the energies and the healing powers
of crystals. She met with masters from Thailand, Japan and Germany who taught her many different energy related disciplines
such as using crystals to enhance the energy field , the art of using crystal points in reflexology and color therapy with crystals.

Lilly's relentless search for knowledge in this fascinating world of energy and healing led her to become an Usui Tibetan Reiki Master. From there she found out about Quantum Touch and she is now a Quantum Touch Practitioner and Certified Instructor.
She also successfully completed Quantum Touch 's "Core transformation technique". Lilly studied at the world reknown Banyan Hypnosis Centre and is now a Certified Hypnosis Instructor. Lilly is also a certified Spa Therapist and has studied the traditional ways of body detoxification known in South-East Asia as "Kuasa". Lilly adds her own personal touch of healing with colour therapy, hot & cold crystal therapy, techniques that she is now perfecting.

Lilly has helped many people with many different types of problems through her own special blend of healing techniques which is the sum of all of the parts. She always starts with the crystals which enhance the energy and completes the treatment using Reiki, Quantum touch and /or Hypnosis according to the patient's specific emotional and physical problems.
Lilly is passionate about what she does and she will continue to learn about this wonderful field of self-healing using the life force or energy within and around us.