Level I : Basic Knowledge and theory of energy healing workshop 2 Days / 14 Hours
INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Diana Fung (Cori)
In this course you will learn :
Day 1:
1. What scientists notice about the universe today.    
2. What is the composition of us.    
3. What is the universe operated with.    
4. The principle of quantum mechanism.    
5. What is the composition of our material world.    
6. How to use your belief to heal yourself and other.    
Day 2:
1. How does quantum energy work?.    
2. How can we influence this world?.    
3. What will our emotions affect?.    
4. The importance of quantum holograms.    
5. Practice distance healing.    
6. Learn different ways of energy healing method for different kind of physical discomfort.    
LOCATION : 43 Rua. Padre Antonio Roliz, Edf. Ind. Si Toi Sobreloja 6A. Macau    
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Diana Fung (Cori)    
Tel.: +853 28550085    
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